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December 28, 2011 by Zargon
I for one think it would be cool to have promotions and advertisements tailored to me as represented here in Minority Report.

But for some, this can feel like an invasion of privacy.  What do you think?  Does taking publicly available information into account to target advertising creep you out or sound like a good idea?

The pros are that advertising could help better your life by providing insight into products or services that you are likely to find useful.  The cons are t...
October 8, 2010 by Zargon
First off let me say that I love Microsoft products.  I am a Microsoft advocate.  I have been selling or supporting Windows products my entire career.  The point here is I want to continue doing so long into the future.

OK, with that said, I want to outline some thoughts I have been repeating (a lot) lately for those who care.  I am passionate about the tablet space because it offers so much more.  Tablets are more intimate, available and portable.  They will mos...
October 6, 2010 by Zargon
Today I stopped using Outlook.  I have been using the program since since 1997 (before that I used mainframe email, my how times have changed) and loved the productivity gains over "Big Blue".  I could now "drag and drop" attachments into my email, and archive contacts easily.  It was enough to make me switch.

Then came PDA's where I could actually SYNC my data and take it with me!  Wow.  I was in heaven.

However, recently, I purchased a new phone.  An Android...
February 10, 2010 by Zargon
Today I was let down by PayPal.  Here is how it happened.

About ten years ago someone opened a PayPal account in my name.  The account was fraudulent, and the only way I found out about it was an accident.  I tried to add one of my credit cards to my PayPal account and was rejected because the credit card was already tied to another PayPal account.  Another PayPal account?  What?  I don't have any other PayPal accounts!  So I called PayPal, and the FBI...
October 4, 2009 by Zargon
At approximately 7am EST (NOON GMT) the Stardock server infrastructure will be undergoing maintenance.  This will impact all Stardock sites including Demigod games.  The servers should be offline for a short period of time (less than one hour) during the maintenance period.

Kirk Windisch

Director - Software Development

Stardock Corporation
November 18, 2008 by Zargon
When Object Desktop 2009 is released, this is where the known issues will be posted.  Please post your findings here as well.  Thank you!

Notes and Known Issues: (all issues are being worked on at this time)

Theme Manager 3.0 (Published at 11am)

Aero Midnight theme included as a .suite file for Object Desktop customers.My Desktop / Save My Desktop: Dreams, skins and cursors sometimes do apply when saved as part of a suite.  Please apply through the Applicat...
November 4, 2008 by Zargon
Please place all questions and issues relating to Theme Manager 3.0 here for speedy resolution.

Known Issues:

32-bit: None

64-bit: None

August 18, 2008 by Zargon
Planning for Object Desktop 2009 has begun and we want your help.

Got an idea for any of the products that are part of Object Desktop?

Looking for a feature?Looking for a new product?Want something changed?This is the thread for you!

April 9, 2008 by Zargon
Object Desktop 2008 launches today, please use this thread to discuss any support questions or issues with Object Desktop 2008.

Release Notes

There are no known issues on x86 versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

There are some known issues with x64 installations of WindowBlinds and IconPackager, again 32-bit customers are not effected.

Users of x64 versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista may experience issues with IconPackager 3.99.  Please upgrade to IconPackager 4.00 onc...
March 11, 2005 by Zargon
See below… this should be a three tier approach. Government, financial institutions, fortune 500, ROW. Of course secrecy is key. The question surrounds the ability of the public sector to keep a lid on that information. Is security clearance to work in the public sector next?

Quote from WinInfo News:
US Government to Get Windows Patches First
Microsoft said this week that it will give the US government
priority when it comes to disclosing and fixing security flaws in
Windows and ot...
January 9, 2004 by Zargon
New Page 1TiVO in your pocket - 24x7 - The Next Big Thing (NBT)

Two independent articles (one on television through your phone, the otherregarding Windows Media Center Devices) sparked my imagination yesterday. Imagine this:  You have a device in your pocket that is connected to theinternet 24x7.  OK, you say, my phone can do that now.  OK, now sticka 30GIG hard drive on that device (like a Windows Media Center Device).

The article I read was touting that you can now ob...
January 6, 2004 by Zargon
New Page 1I give this concept an E for effort.  In theory I can see what they werethinking, but this concept is going to fail.  I just hope some one on theother end of that gravy train figures it out soon enough to pull the plug.

If you are not familiar with the DISC gaming console (which is in theory likean X-Box or Sony Playstation) see the link at the end of this blog fordetails.  The short take is that this gaming unit will play PC games. It is designed to plug into yo...
December 19, 2003 by Zargon
New Page 1Well, the DVD forum hasdone it again (and again, and again, and again). On November 19th the DVDForum steering committee approved the blue-laser HD-DVD "standard" (Iput that in quotes for good reason) for continued work. This action(supposedly) creates one standard for HD-DVD, but as it was last time theiraction is non-authoritative and meaningless.

As the DVD Forum likes to showcase on their web site, they arenot responsible for the current mess we have regarding DVD formats. (...
December 19, 2003 by Zargon
New Page 1Hello everyone.  Welcome to my blog.

It is difficult to believe that I am succumbing to thepeer pressure (creating a blog).  I always like to think that I have freewill, but that is obviously a fallacy similar to taste of steak in the Matrix(always tastes good, but you know it is not a reality).  I believe I havefreedom of my actions, but the truth is I am going to be sucked into anythingtechnological because, well to be blunt: I am a geek.  So here I am puttingup my thoughts on tec...